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Meet Yadier Alvarez, Baseball's Next Coveted Cuban Prospect | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports

Will he be able to harness and trust his excellent stuff as he moves up in competition? Another question is whether or not he'll have the consistency, stamina or durability to be a starter. His value would shoot through the roof if he could prove capable of handing that role. However, that's something that can't honestly be learned for months if not years. For now, limited to 2-4 innings in workouts, and it's unlikely he'll tax his arm much beyond that before signing.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/meet-yadier-alvarez--baseball-s-next-coveted-cuban-star-182601581.html


Please Enjoy Vol. 1 Of James Harrison's Workouts For Insane People

1 Of James Harrison's Workouts For Insane People Linebacker James Harrison enjoys Instagramming his workouts. Here he is lifting 135 pounds from a standing position with one hand, because he's a maniac. Here's another video with only 115: And here he is doing reps in a shirt and tie: Anyway, James Harrison is crazy.
Source: http://deadspin.com/please-enjoy-vol-1-of-james-harrisons-workouts-for-ins-1685722651

Mariota and Winston prepare for combine by working out with each other | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

1 will go No. 2 to the Tennessee Titans, or at some point very early in the first round. Both are Heisman Trophy winners and have exceptional college stats and records. Flaherty said Mariota has put on 10 good pounds since coming to San Diego right after the national championship game, and is 6-4 and will weigh in at about 225 pounds at the combine. Winston has slimmed down a bit and is 6-4 and 230. "He looks good, he looks lean," Flaherty said of Winston. Mariota is, as Flaherty puts it, "a ridiculous athlete." Anyone who watched him play at Oregon won't disagree.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/mariota-and-winston-prepare-for-combine-by-working-out-with-each-other-162319933.html

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