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Enroll Lake County Launches New Registration Season | Lake County News-sun

15. Weve had a lot of people and a lot of successes, Olian said. We are learn more not encountering difficulties with the website, which is really good, so people have been able to re-enroll more info and also change their plans if they want. According to Olian, 14 residents came in to sit down with navigators in the early stages of the expo, with that total split half and half between new enrollments and re-enrollments. Chenier said more than 500 people had come through the building in general to either pick up information from Visit Lake County, participate in a fitness class or visit with wellness vendors. In the past year, Olian said, more than 13,000 residents joined the marketplace through the Enroll Lake County initiative sponsored by the Health Department. Giovanni Gomez, regional coordinator with Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace, said there were two primary messages being discussed with expo arrivals and prospective enrollees free assistance is being offered for both first-time enrollments and those renewing plans from 2013-14.
News source: http://newssun.chicagotribune.com/2014/11/16/enroll-lcn-111714/

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