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Sonny Parker Says Reports Of Jabari Parker Tanking A Workout With The Cavaliers Is "made Up" - Chicagotribune.com

Cleveland presumably has been deciding between Parker and Kansas forward Andrew Wiggins since learning Kansas center Joel Embiid has a right foot injury that required surgery. The ESPN report, which cited unnamed sources, also said Parker looked overweight. There were similar anonymously sourced reports about Parker gaining weight last month, but he MaxWorkouts free seemed to put those to rest during a workout for NBA scouts that can be seen on YouTube . Shin Ohtake I dont know where they get this information from, Sonny Parker said. Did you see his body on the video? He is not overweight. He takes care of his body. He has always been a big kid. He is broad.
News source: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/highschool/chi-sonny-parker-says-reports-of-jabari-parker-tanking-a-workout-with-the-cavaliers-is-made-up-20140623,0,4918693.story

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